The Wordhord with Hana Videen
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June 2, 2022

The Wordhord with Hana Videen

This week, Danièle speaks with Hana Videen, an author who introduces Old English to new audiences through the lens of everyday life. Find out what makes Old English different, what makes it beautiful, and which words really deserve a comeback.

Dr Hana Videen received her Old English doctorate at King’s College London, she is now a writer and blogger in Toronto, translating curiosities of history into engaging narratives. Her new book is The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English. Hana tweets from @hanavideen and @OEWordhord, and you can find her website at Old English Worldhoard.

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Top Image: University of Cambridg Corpus Christi College MS 144 fol.4r June 2, 2022 at 09:29AM

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