This is the Trail Mix I Always Have in My Purse
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September 9, 2022

This is the Trail Mix I Always Have in My Purse

As I settle here in my forties, there is a single truth I’ve solidified: I need a snack.

I’ve impulse bought hundreds of dollars at Target enough times to know that if I’m in the world without a snack in my purse, my credit score is in danger.  Yes, the stakes are that high.   Because I am an adult in charge of preventing my own blood sugar dip, I ALWAYS have an array of snacks in my purse.  Sometimes it’s a smashed granola bar (a true delicacy), sometimes it’s half a bag of Sour Patch Kids. When I’m at my best, it’s a jar of this trail mix – a salty sweet, hearty and healthy snack perfect for throwing back in the car and only buying what I actually need at Target.

Here’s what I combine to make this super satisfying Purse Granola™.

•  Goji Berries

•  Seasoned Cashews

•  Unreal Candies with Quinoa

•  Roasted Sunflower Seeds

•  Dry Roasted Almond

Of course, you’ll use whatever suits your taste but go for a mix of salty, crunchy, chewy sweet dried fruit, candy coated chocolate, and nuts that are plain and simple. Things like dried cherries, dried mango strips, and candied ginger made great additions. Dry roasted edamame? Yes, you’re thinking about this correctly. No wrong answers, friends.

Oh also! This is the simple and beautiful leather purse I’ll have for the literal rest of my life.

Carry on friends! My love to you.

Joy the Baker September 9, 2022 at 01:56PM

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