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Tipa crafts food tray from rice waste for at-home composting and recycling

#Tipa crafts food tray from rice waste for at-home composting and recycling

09 Nov 2023 — Tipa has launched a fully compostable and recyclable tray made from the waste product of rice. The trays, designed to prevent air pollution from burning agricultural waste, offer an eco-conscious alternative to traditional plastic packaging. 

With the recent ban on polystyrene takeaway containers in Wales, England and Scotland, Tipa’s trays can accommodate various products, from fruits and vegetables to baked goods and hot foods, maintaining their temperature for up to 48 hours.

With the UK discarding 100 billion pieces of plastic annually, the plastic takeaway bans have heightened the demand for sustainable alternatives, leaving businesses searching for viable options

“To prepare the fields for the next harvest, more than 50% of the surplus rice residue must be burned. The results are high concentrations of air pollution, which are associated with critical health issues, damage to soil fertility and contribution to the greenhouse effect. Paddy straw trays are created from these leftover rice straws, allowing the straws to be reused as agricultural waste,” Daphna Nissenbaum, Tipa’s CEO and co-founder, shares with Packaging Insights

“The paddy straw residues are collected, cleaned and processed into sturdy trays suitable for various applications, which look organic and natural, akin to paper packaging, but that come from nature. By repurposing this abundant and often underutilized resource, paddy straw trays contribute to the local agricultural economies.”

strawberries in Tipa compostable packaging made of rice wasteTipa collects paddy straw residues, which are then processed into trays, which look organic and natural, akin to paper packaging.Upcycling agricultural waste
The GM-free, bio-based packaging offers extended shelf life and can seamlessly integrate with local waste management systems. The trays are available in various sizes and shapes and are a durable and effective alternative to traditional plastic bags or boxes. 

The natural appearance and texture of the packaging enhance the visual appeal of products, adding an organic touch to their presentation. 

Tipa’s new packaging is now available in the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. “Before any of our products hit the market, they undergo rigorous checks to meet the strictest regulations. Each item in our range proudly holds compostable certifications from esteemed global bodies reaffirming our unwavering commitment to industry standards and environmental compliance,” says Nissenbaum.

The company details that the new paddy straw tray gives income to farmers for agricultural waste, boosting the economy in communities that need it the most. “Agricultural communities are at the front line facing ongoing challenges, including the impact of climate change, supply chain disruption and economic hardship. By utilizing waste products, which are usually burnt, we can offer a new stream of income and the byproducts are put to good use,” Nissenbaum shares.

“Finding innovative methods to overcome the challenges faced by the agricultural industry, especially for smaller, local farmers who have worked on the land for generations, is key to ensuring the survival of rural communities globally.”

By Radhika Sikaria

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