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Tomra markets new reverse vending machine line for improved retailer and consumer convenience

#Tomra markets new reverse vending machine line for improved retailer and consumer convenience

Man placing empty bottle in return vending machine.
(All image credits: Tomra Collection).

14 Mar 2024 — Tomra Collection has launched its Basic Line, a reverse vending machines (RVMs) portfolio offering “innovation and affordability” to stores newly participating in deposit return systems (DRS). The Basic Line is designed to offer a simple way to start collecting empty beverage containers for recycling while saving space and resources for retailers.

Part of the Basic Line, Tomra B5 Combi, is launching first in Ireland, the latest region to introduce a DRS, which went live in February. The system requires retailers to take back drink containers and refund deposits as part of the country’s efforts to reduce litter and increase recycling rates.

Gudbrand Arnesen, head of product management at Tomra Collection, tells Packaging Insights that in the Basic Line, Tomra offers compact and flexible solutions specifically for smaller stores with lower volumes of container returns.

Reverse vending machine in store. Retailer can collect cans and PET bottles either mixed or separately, using Tomra B5.“Tomra B5 Combi for PET and cans offers a flexible solution where the retailer can collect these materials either mixed or separated. This is our smallest and simplest solution for separate PET and can collection, with the flexible option of commingling,” says Arnesen.


“The upcoming Tomra B5 SoftDrop is a non-compacting machine with a SoftDrop bin, and it can collect refillable glass and any other containers non-compacted. This is a unique product in our current portfolio.”

User-friendly technology
To make container returns more efficient for consumers and stores, DRSs often utilize reverse vending to automate the process. These machines instantly identify, count and sort eligible containers, and pay out the correct deposit refund — as a more hygienic, efficient and accurate alternative to manual, human handling.

Tomra B5 Flaker will offer a compact and simple RVM for flaking PET bottles, continues Arnesen. “Basic Line offers compact plug-and-play versions of our larger, more advanced standalone machines such as Tomra T-70 Dual, plus a versatile non-compacting standalone reverse vending machine with a SoftDrop.”

Tomra B5 features a sleek, modern design, he asserts.

“It offers a large 21.5-inch touch display screen with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for consumers using the reverse vending machines and for the stores operating them. This particularly strives to make reverse vending user-friendly for stakeholders new to deposit return.”

Arnesen explains that, like other Tomra reverse vending machines, Tomra B5 issues a printed voucher for the deposit refund, which consumers can redeem in-store toward cash or as credit toward their next purchase.

He highlights that recent consumer research found that 87% of recyclers spend their refund on purchases in store.

By Natalie Schwertheim

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