Triple Berry Ice Cream Cake.
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June 22, 2022

Triple Berry Ice Cream Cake.

This triple berry ice cream cake is perfect for a summer holiday dessert! It’s red, white and blue, cold and refreshing, delicious and must be made ahead of time. Serves a crowd – who always enjoys it!

I am back with everyone’s favorite ice cream cake!

triple berry ice cream cake

This triple berry ice cream cake is the perfect dessert to serve for the fourth of July. It’s red white and blue, chilled and refreshing for the hottest of summer days and uses lots of fresh, vibrant berries. It is a hit every time! 

ice cream sandwiches on cake

Let’s rewind. Last year Lacy made this ice cream cake for the 4th of July and I posted it on instagram – and you guys went crazy. It is so incredibly easy and delicious, so I made a few versions of the next couple of months and landed on the perfect holiday ice cream cake.

The ice cream cake can’t be beat, because you make the ENTIRE thing ahead of time. The whole thing, aside from maybe a drizzle of chocolate and sprinkle of cookies. It’s very easy and a great thing to bring to a party (as long as there is freezer space!) because it appears fancy, tastes fabulous and serves a crowd.

triple berry ice cream cake

I have so many flavor combos that I love for this cake (hello, coffee oreo), but I must say that I was very excited to throw together a summer version that takes on some red white and blue vibes. Perfect for a summer BBQ or get together! Memorial day or 4th of July – or just during peak berry season when the fruit is tasting like candy. 

triple berry ice cream cake

To make this triple berry ice cream cake, I slightly complicate things more than I do with the original. Now, you can always buy a strawberry and blueberry ice cream. I searched high and low and could not find a blueberry version that was available to everyone. Strawberry, sure. But not blueberry. So after many tests, I made my own fruit sauces and used vanilla ice cream.

I LOVE this method, because the fruit is so super fresh and sweet. 

triple berry ice cream cake

The blueberry and strawberry sauces elevate the vanilla ice cream so much – they almost makes this cake feel sundae-like. I also like to add the strawberries and blueberries, and then save some of the puree for serving. It’s incredibly berry-forward which is what I LOVE. 

The berries taste lovely against the chocolate from the ice cream sandwiches. YES! The middle of this “cake” is just layered ice cream sandwiches, which is cheating in the best way possible. Because I use vanilla ice cream AND the classic sandwiches (you can always use a fancy flavor if you’d like!), I cut down on the ice cream too. The original recipe uses two half gallons of ice cream. In this recipe, I only use one. We’re adding to each layer with our homemade berry sauce so it’s more than enough ice cream. (more…)

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