Tuesday Things.
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March 1, 2022

Tuesday Things.

tuesday things

1. Making these almond joy stuffed dates ASAP.

2. I love that it is March 1st. The first two months of the year are always so gloomy. And since I’m now a mom of little kids I’m planning on putting leprechaun footprints around the house and dyeing our milk green like a complete lunatic. I don’t even know me!

3. Definitely want to crawl in a hole and hide forever when I read my tuesday things posts from 12 years ago. Eeeep.

4. How to overcome procrastination.

5. TV things!! Have you watched Somebody Somewhere!? I love it. The 1883 ending… omg. The new Grey’s episode… eh. Scott Speedman was the best part. And the Euphoria ending! I can’t even believe that.

6. Oh and if you love to read like I do, I highly suggest listening to the new bone marry bury fiction podcast that becca from bad on paper wrote!

7. Max got a new pair of sunglasses and opened the box and said “wow! under armor is so nice. all you have to do is pay for sunglasses and they give you a sticker and a box for free.” He was so serious and I could not stifle the laughter.

8. My favorite cup I talk about all the time is back in stock at 12 EST today. This thing saves my life everyday. And I’ve gifted so many of them!

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Jessica March 1, 2022 at 05:05PM

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