Weeknight Spicy Brown Butter Pasta.
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October 12, 2022

Weeknight Spicy Brown Butter Pasta.

A weeknight favorite: say hello to this spicy brown butter pasta! The tiny shells hold all the savory brown butter flavor, and the pasta is tossed with lots of garlic, chili flakes, crispy sage and parmesan. A dream in a bowl that tastes cozy and comforting.

Another day, another pasta!

30 minute spicy brown butter pasta

In this case, a super easy weeknight pasta that you can make for yourself when you need a simple, comforting meal. 

Easy, flavorful, minimal ingredients, tons of parm and crispy sage. Super garlicky, with a hint of heat too.

Yep – I am here for it. 

30 minute spicy brown butter pasta

Oh this pot right here! This skillet of brown butter with crispy sage is not only the epitome of fall, but one of my favorite things in all the land.

WHY is this so delicious? I could drizzle this on vegetables or well, almost anything. And I can’t get enough.

30 minute spicy brown butter pasta

This is SO my kind of meal. It’s the one I make after a super busy day, maybe when Eddie is working late or has one of the kids somewhere and the baby is in bed. Serious comfort food, right here. 

It’s a so-good-you-eat-it-right-out-of-the-skillet meal.

I mean, just LOOK at those puddles of brown butter in the shells?! And the brown caramelized bits all over the pasta?!

30 minute spicy brown butter pasta

Here’s how I do it! It’s embarrassingly easy, by the way. 

I cook my pasta the regular old way. Salted boiling water! Any cut of noodle works. I love these little shells because the brown butter pools in them and it’s just a huge burst of flavor. 

While the pasta cooks, I brown my butter. Just my favorite thing to do over here, of course. I live for brown butter. You can see step-by-step exactly how I make it here, or even over on instagram

Once the butter just starts to brown, I throw in my garlic, sage and crushed red pepper. It only needs to cook for a minute or so! This creates a delicious brown butter sauce – sort of like my garlic sauce – that makes the silky, buttery coating for our pasta. Simple and delicious.

Next, I toss in the pasta. I coat it super well and serve with LOTS of parmesan cheese. Taste and season. Then serve. (more…)

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Jessica October 12, 2022 at 04:05PM

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