Weeknight Taco Stuffed Avocados.
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August 25, 2022

Weeknight Taco Stuffed Avocados.

These taco stuffed avocados are super delicious! Halved avocados filled with seasoned ground beef, chopped tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and crushed tortilla chips for the ultimate weeknight meal.

We’re making cute little taco avocados today!! 

weeknight taco stuffed avocados

These taco avocados are filled with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and crunchy crushed tortilla chips for that classic taco flavor. They are irresistible! 

weeknight taco stuffed avocados

I love these avocados because you can make them for one, or for a family. You can make them with leftover taco ingredients from taco night and you can add whatever toppings you love. There is no wrong way to make them. You just have to find a nice ripe avocado and you’re set. 

seasoned ground beef

I’ve made stuffed avocados before – both times with chicken! I’ve done cheesy chicken stuffed avocados AND chicken salad stuffed avocados, so I love this new little twist.

In fact, I wanted to call these “walking taco avocados” but I realize that completely defeats the purpose of the walking taco in a bag of chips. My thinking was that all the toppings are actually ON the avocado. So yeah, the name is cute but it’s a no go because none of us are literally walking around with a stuffed avocado in our hands. Whomp whomp. 


Anyway, let’s talk filling!

I use my seasoned ground beef from my weeknight ground beef tacos. I keep the beef mixture on the drier side (but not in a bad way!) for the avocados so they aren’t as messy. My mom always made a saucier ground beef mixture for tacos and I often do too, but the drier version works so well here. I do include the saucier version below as well, so you can choose whichever you like.

sliced avocados with taco meat

Below, you will also find the homemade seasoning mixture for the tacos. I love it because it doesn’t taste like straight 100% cumin and salt. There’s a bit more smoky flavor. Now if you have a taco seasoning packet you adore – use that! Keep it simple.

weeknight taco stuffed avocados

For the rest of the toppings, I like to do a really classic taco.

Think like a ground beef taco from the 90s.

Shredded lettuce.

Shredded cheddar,

Chopped tomatoes.

Maybe even some taco sauce if you have it. (I do have it: an excellent recipe for it is in Everyday Dinners!). 

Crushed tortilla chips of course!

We all love these, aside from Eddie who isn’t the biggest avocado fan. The kids though? Totally sold on them.

They are easy, great for leftovers and can come together fast. I like to serve them with the beef warm (so the cheese melts slightly too!), but you can also serve them completely cold. They are super flavorful and very satisfying thanks to the avocado. A must make! (more…)

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