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What I Read In January 2024.

#What I Read In January 2024.


I kicked 2024 off with a lot of good books! I’m in a good reading zone at the moment and have some that I loved this month. What are you reading?1

You can find my reading lists here and previous what I read posts here.

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I do have a book of the month membership – I love it so much. I get so many of my new releases and debut author books there. You can sign up for one here.

All of these books are linked through bookshop (if available!) and I highly suggest shopping through there because it will support your local indie bookstore. You can choose the local bookstore to support! I support Penguin Books when I buy which is my fave here in Pittsburgh.


Mercury – 5 stars

I love this book so much – it surprised me. It is a story about family, mostly about family drama. It follows a girl who moves to a new town with her single mom and becomes involved with a family that has three sons. This is not a happy story, but it is a good story. The writing is incredible and it kept me interested – I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen. It’s also sort of a murder mystery so I guess it could be considered a thriller. And! It’s set in western PA in the 90s, so I was familiar with what the author was talking about.

First Lie Wins – 4.75 stars

Also loved this one! This is a true thriller. The story follows a girl who is sort of a life long con artist to the point where she has made it her job. She always has an alias with a full background story. Her boyfriend is the target she is working on, but someone shows up with her REAL name and her real life story. It’s crazy! There were a few twists and turns and while I did see the big twist somewhat coming, it was still good.

The Bright Spot – 4 stars

This one was so cute! I love every book by Jill Shalvis. This was adorable – the story follows a girl who runs a farm, the owner dies and leaves her 50% of the farm – and someone else, a very cute someone else, the other 50%. If you are an animal lover, you will love this. Multiple times I laughed out loud and the farm animals had a ton of personality in this – the writing was great. It’s a super feel good story.

He’s Not My Type – 3 stars

I have to be in a certain moon to read Meghan Quinn – they are definitely a level of spice that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I like reading them after a thriller or something deeper! This story is a hockey romance, which I love since we are huge hockey fans. The story follows a marketing exec for a hockey team who ends up living with one of the players after she loses her apartment in a breakup. Steamy, cute and I liked it.

A Not So Meet Cute – 3.5 stars

Same as the above, but I did like this one a little more. It was very funny and the banter is great. Equally as steamy and spicy, but still readable. This story follows a girl who gets fired from her job by her lifelong frenemy. She goes in search of a rich boyfriend and runs into someone who needs a fake fiance for a business deal. Sounds cheesy, but it’s very cute. I love a fake dating trope!

Frigid – 2 stars

I was not really a fan of this one – should’ve know by the cover alone, lol. It felt a little young adult-ish to me, so many of the scenes are cringy and I didn’t love the language. This story follows a girl who has been in love with her best friend forever. He’s a total player but they end up stranded in a cabin in a snowstorm. But it’s probably just me!! I know that people really love this. It is friends to lovers trope which is always a good one.

One In A Millennial

I’ve listened to Kate Kennedy’s podcast for years and she has an uncanny ability to verbalize nearly everything I loved/feel about growing up as a kid in the 90s. Think all the good nostalgia – this is the book, but in a fabulous way that also talks about how it has affected us. It’s really great! I listened to it because she narrates it. Her writing style is just like her podcasts so I highly suggest listening, that way you get the full effect!

(This is not sponsored but there are a few bookshop and/or affiliate links above! Thank you for reading!)

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