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March 18, 2022

Wherein Tina and I take bad scholarly habits to task, with Tina Sessa

In a fun romp through some of the foibles, evasions, pretensions, and generally bad habits of scholarship, Tina Sessa and I take our fields to task for practices that make our eyes roll. Sure, we’ve probably been guilty of most of these too! But what better place to vent a bit than a podcast?

Dedicated listeners will know Tina Sessa from episodes 4 and 21; she is a veritable co-host of the show. Tina Sessa is Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, with her focus on the history of late antique religions and society (ca. 300-700 CE), especially on the intersection between classical Roman culture and early Christianity in the late Roman West. Click here to view her university webpage.

Byzantium & Friends is hosted by Anthony Kaldellis, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University. You can follow him on his personal website.

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Top Image: Photo by Corey Butler / Flickr March 18, 2022 at 01:25AM

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