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April 10, 2022

Your Spring Horoscope Calls for Astrology-Inspired Wardrobe Additions


Thanks to all those who sought cosmic clarity from a crumbling reality, astrology achieved sweatpants-level success during the pandemic. For some, casual exploration of the stars turned into a serious study of rising signs and retrogrades. The fashion world has taken the growing fascination with the zodiac as inspirational fuel for several collections and limited-edition pieces, making the 12 signs symbols to wear with pride. 

The cheery queen of beaded bags, Susan Alexandra, debuted a line of astrology-inspired jewelry in March, timing the launch to a moment that the designer felt needed the healing powers of the zodiac. A few months prior, Good American gave its soft cotton sets an astrological upgrade that Mercury couldn’t mess up, collaborating with virtual artist Sarah Coleman on unique star sign logos. Then there’s Picnicwear, which makes made-to-order appliqué zodiac sweatshirts using vintage towels for planet lovers interested in how celestial bodies influence our day-to-day and how our actions affect planet Earth. On the designer front, Rosetta Getty worked with astrologist Ilana Kozlov on her Pre-Fall 2022 collection to design prints and color palettes that connect with Gemini and Cancer, and Rixo has some celestial-patterned loungewear for spring that has night-out potential.

If you’re in the mood to connect on an astrological level with your jewelry, phone case, underwear, loose-fitting pants or reusable totes, then click through our shoppable gallery of zodiac-themed apparel and accessories below. 

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