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YutoEco develops transparent plant-based lucent membrane for packaging

#YutoEco develops transparent plant-based lucent membrane for packaging

06 Nov 2023 — YutoEco has introduced a functional transparent film with 100% cellulose substrate, achieving environmental sustainability and visibility of packaging. The film meets the requirements of food contact materials. 

A spokesperson at YutoEco tells Packaging Insights that the “Eco-lucent” membrane can effectively replace the traditional flat plastic film. “For those plastic-based films that do not need to be folded, our new plant-based film can be a perfect eco-friendly substitution. For other situations, discussions need to be done with clients to confirm their specific needs,” they say. 

“For applications besides the food industry, our Eco-lucent membrane can also be used on consumer electronics packaging, cosmetics packaging and more to realize the visibility of inner products.” 

The molded pulp packaging industry stands out in sustainable development but consumers are often unsatisfied by its visibility. Traditional solutions often use transparent plastic to realize the visibility of packaging, leading to an excessive reliance on plastic. 

Molded fiber food packaging in different shapes and sizes.The plant-based lucent membrane by YutoEco offers food protection. It is non-toxic, odorless and halogen-free.The plant-based lucent membrane by YutoEco is non-toxic, odorless and free from halogens. It features “excellent” mechanical properties and suitable surface tension, offering superior protection. Moreover, this multi-functional material offers anti-fog, waterproof and heat-sealing capabilities while maintaining transparency.

Offering new industry opportunities 
YutoEco’s eco-lucent membrane has received a “No Plastics” report from the third-party testing lab and Industrial & Home Compostable Certificates (Seedling) from DIN Certco. The film rapidly degrades in soil, causing no secondary pollution.

Furthermore, the applications of the plant-based cellulose film are “extensive,” including visible lunchboxes, baking packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 

The innovation ensures molded fiber packaging’ sustainability and brings new opportunities and possibilities to the industry. The company says that the innovation reflects that sustainability and innovation are indispensable trends in the packaging industry.

YutoEco is dedicated to packaging R&D and promoting more innovative and sustainable products to the market. “We look forward to more innovations and sustainability solutions, propelling the pulp molding packaging industry toward a greener and more sustainable future,” concludes the spokesperson.

By Natalie Schwertheim

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