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July 27, 2022

Zucchini Corn Fritters with Lemon Basil Aioli.

We love these zucchini corn fritters! Crispy, crunchy fritters filled with fresh zucchini and crisp summer corn, fried until golden and perfect. Serve with a lemon basil aioli for dipping. Heaven!

Welcome to one of my favorite summer meals! 

Okay, maybe these fritters don’t qualify as an entire meal, but I’m pretty sure if you eat a whole plate of them, they can. 


corn and zucchini in batter

A mix of corn and zucchini, the ultimate summer garden treats, come together in these fritters for a savory and sweet crispy crunchy bite. Add the lemon basil dipping sauce and it’s snacktime heaven. We can’t get enough! 

zucchini fritter batter

Just look at how perfect that batter is.

zucchini corn fritter batter

I don’t make fritters often – these days I hate frying anything on the stovetop, even when it’s a shallow fry like this. I have a recipe for broccoli fritters in Everyday Dinners and those are also incredible – the kids love them. 

And now that we are so enamored with the zucchini corn version, I’m going to be a fritter making queen. When it comes to cooking them, I do an easy pan fry and it works out great. 

zucchini corn fritters with lemon basil aioli

Nothing says vegetable love like little fried cakes of batter. Seriously, back when I loathed all vegetables, fritters were a no brainer for me. Of course I would eat them!

So if you have a veggie skeptic in your house, try a fritter first. They will not be able to resist.

zucchini corn fritters with lemon basil aioli

I love how simple this recipe is. Zucchini and corn of course. Flour, some dried spices, eggs and scallions. Plus an oil for cooking. They come together fast and are very simple, but look extra fancy when you cover them with fresh basil.

zucchini corn fritters with lemon basil aioli

Then we have our dipping sauce!

I love to make a lemon basil aioli for this – I use my nutribullet. I use it constantly for sauces, dips like this and dressings. It’s easy and much simpler to clean than using a whole big blender. (more…)

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