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May 4, 2022

Zucchini, Lemon & Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Pizza.

We love this zucchini puff pastry with lemon and goat cheese! Flakey crust, melty cheese, thin slices of zucchini and fresh lemon zest. This is so delicious, refreshing and satisfying!

Deeeelish puff pastry pizza is on the menu today!

It’s an exciting day over here! Today makes ONE YEAR since Everyday Dinners was released into the wild! Eeeep!

everyday dinners cookbook

We’ve had an amazing year with the book, including the most wonderful cookbook club community that has cooked through the ENTIRE book since May of last year!

P.S. the cookbook club is still going strong and we just started a new challenge to celebrate the one year book anniversary. Prizes include $500 gift cards and more! 

thinly sliced zucchini

This recipe today comes from Everyday Dinners and is one of the most made by you guys. If you haven’t noticed, I have a serious infatuation with puff pastry, and there are puff pastry pizzas for every season in the book, including a few extras.

This is the summer version! It’s loaded with thinly sliced zucchini, lemon, goat cheese and garlic. It is so super fantastic.

pastry with zucchini and goat cheese

I love these puff pastry pizzas because they are so incredibly versatile. I shared my first one back in 2014 and have been nonstop ever since.

These can be served and eaten like pizzas with a greens salad. They can be sliced and served like appetizers for a dinner party. Or they can even be a quick lunch.

You could also do puff pastry pizza parties with an array of toppings for everyone to choose from. Seriously the options are endless.

zucchini, lemon & goat cheese puff pastry pizza

If this is your first time hearing about Everyday Dinners, let me give you the scoop! 

zucchini, lemon & goat cheese puff pastry pizza

There are 100 recipes here for you ALL ABOUT DINNER in this little book – being made in 30 minutes or less! There is a ton of info on meal prepping too – as well as ways to meal prep for EVERY SINGLE RECIPE in the book. Yes yes yes. 

Inside the book, you’ll find my everyday essentials – think dressings, sauces and all the quick recipes I keep in my fridge to make dinner come together quickly. These things elevate meals and bring so much versatility throughout the week. The meatless section in the book is huge. And of course, there are recipes for your everyday favorites including chicken, pork, beef and seafood. There is also a section on side dishes which includes my top side dishes to go with every meal – my all-time favorites. Better than basics!

zucchini, lemon & goat cheese puff pastry pizza

The cornerstone of the book is my 10 Minute Meal Prep method – pretty much the only way I’ve been able to cook delicious, consistent meals over the last few years of crazy busy life. You can find all the secrets for my 10 Minute Meal Prep in the book, along with prep for every.single.recipe. !!! (more…)

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